mixed reality

In the web. On any device.

Bring any printed media to life
with image based Augmented Reality.
All in your web browser.

mixed reality

In the web. On any device.

There's so much hidden in our world.
Make the stories for all of us.

mixed reality

In the web. On any device.

Bring the spaces we can't see to life.
And share with your world.

mixed reality

In the web. On any device.

Discover the different layers in your places.
Turn any location into a digital playground.


Perfect for virtual tourism & exhibitions, simulation and training.

LOCATIVE augmented reality

The ultimate solution for wayfinding, cultural & historical tours, educational content and location based information and games.


Make photos, posters, brochures, plans, logos and other print media come to life with animated and interactive content.

combo ar & vr

Seamlessly combine locative, vision and virtual content into a single experience.

Features & benefits of awe

Completely web based

And by that we mean you can create and experience awe apps just by opening the link to the app in your web browser on your smartphone, tablet, computer or goggles.

No coding

Quickly create rich, immersive experiences without needing to write a line of code.

If you do code you can add Javascript and CSS to your app, or check out our awe.js library to extend the possibilities...

No app downloads, instalLs OR updates

Because it's all on the web, you don't have to worry about creating different apps for different platforms.

Find out more on how awe works

We take care of the fiddly bits

We do all the magic behind the scenes to make sure your content looks great & works across the different devices & browsers.

What are your viewers seeing?

Rich analytics that show you exactly how people who view your app are using it.

Rich interactivity

Add event actions, animations, character animations, info panels, quizzes, augmented reality, facial & image recognition, location-based content, time-based content and more...

Plans & pricing

If you need an invoice so you can pay or need to pay for longer than a year in advance, contact us and we'll help you out.


Make your print media come to life with interactive content. And all in the web! No more downloading apps. Simply drag and drop your content in a few easy steps and share the link with your audience.

Add location aware Augmented Reality and overlay information on the real world for a specific location or area. Add interactive virtual objects using a simple map based interface, or simply at the location itself on your smartphone or tablet. Create historical and cultural tours, virtual field trips and treasure hunts.

Enhance your app with immersive content using 360° photos or videos to show people what it's really like to be in a location or situation. Navigate from bubble to bubble and uncover more information.

Use only one type of mixed reality in your awe web app, or use them all to create a truly rich and immersive experience. It's up to you!

No review or approval process. Make it live as soon as you're ready!

Check out what types of industries use awe

Features include:

  • Unlimited interactive objects (images, videos, shapes, 3D models, audio)
  • Linked views (scenes)
  • Image recognition and Natural Feature Tracking
  • Support for 360° images & video
  • Object animations
  • Drag & drop editing tool
  • Embed in your own website or social feed
  • Plugin support for custom controllers
  • Add your own custom Javascript and CSS
  • Up to 5 each of Augmented Reality images, 360° / VR views and locative Augmented Reality
  • Purchase more images, 360° or locative AR views as you need them

Educator Pack


Whether you're creating mixed reality experiences for your students or employees or they are creating it as part of their study, you'll get access to the latest awe updates, immersive assessments, educator tutorials, priority support and more.



If you or your team are interested in building mixed reality apps then you'll want pre-release access to the latest awe updates, developer tutorials, priority support and more.

cultural pack


Receive priority support, pre-release access to awe updates, tutorials targeted at creating virtual exhibitions or bringing your physical exhibition to life in the virtual world, wayfinding through your space and more.

vision augmented reality


Your customers can scan printed images to search for content or trigger events. Enable image based AR tracking that places interactive digital content over the image. This is great for treasure hunts, training, guides and games.

Customised or Enterprise

If you need an awe app built then we can help you out. Our team knows this space inside out and we can provide valuable insights into what's possible and develop rapid prototypes to show what a specific experience is like. We can help you build and deploy enterprise applications and provide consulting and advice on where the technology is heading next.

If you or your team are interested in building mixed reality apps then you'll want pre-release access to the latest awe updates, developer tutorials, priority support and more.

Contact us


We can work with you to run hands on workshops to introduce your team to Mixed Reality.

Our team knows this space inside out. We provide valuable insights into what's possible, can get you started on your own prototype or help you develop a complex app. Speak to us

How does it work?

Creating an awe web app

Want to create immersive Mixed Reality experiences that work across multiple devices.

See how easy creating your awe app is using your tablet, smartphones, computer and AR/VR goggles.

Viewing an awe web app

Want to share your immersive Mixed Reality creation with the world?

See a comparison that shows how nothing is easier than just sharing a link directly to your awe app.

Device and browser support

awe supports viewing awe mixed reality apps across a range of different device and web browser combinations. It is not about listing out individual device and web browser combinations, more about the capabilities your device has, and that the browser you use needs to support modern web standards.

For example, your device will need a gyroscope, accelerometer and compass (if you want to access location-based content) at the very least. Then, you can view content on Chrome, Firefox or Safari web browsers (we recommend you have the most recent version installed) on your computer, iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone or tablet or AR/VR goggles such as Google DayDream View, Oculus Rift, Vive, Samsung Gear VR, etc.

awe delivers different flavors of Augmented Reality across all the major browsers including Chrome, Firefox and Safari.


Your awe app makes it easy for you to deliver Mixed Reality experiences through standard web browsers. Create and design your Mixed Reality content on almost any device, using only your web browser and awe.media.

Then share a single web link and over 3 Billion capable browsers can experience your creation instantly, without any app stores or downloads to install.

Who's awe for?

You can create your own Mixed Reality experiences with a simple drag & drop interface, with no code using your computer, smartphone or tablet. Extend the experience with your own Javascript and CSS. Or, we can help you completely customise your complex awe apps, & even rollout your own branded awe platform in your organisation.

K-12, vocational & university educators & students
Wayfinding for city precincts, campuses, city guides & tours
Galleries, libraries & museums
Outdoor exhibitions, festivals & creative or cultural events
Tourism operators
Architecture, construction & real estate
Local, State & Federal government departments
Land and Geo-spatial agencies

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Make 360
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Create interactive
Mixed Reality apps
without any coding

Design & view on your
phone, tablet,
computer or VR/AR goggles

People can use your app
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Share it with billions through a single link

People can view it instantly on any device

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Mixed Reality. In the web. On any devices

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